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This topic addresses environmentally-responsive architecture, where the building envelope adapts to natural forces, such as the sun. In our case, we have studied the panel composition of the outer skin. Mostly, these panels open and close in response to the sun's position showing their adaptivity to the surrounding environment.

Environmentally Responsible Architecture. Also called Green or Sustainable Architecture, it developed in response to mounting worries about ecological and environmental matters from the 1960s, and involved experiments with buildings constructed with natural materials (e.g. timber or earth), which are energy efficient (i.e. are well insulated, and draw on solar and wind-powered sources of energy), and which respect the site. It should be noted that International Modernist architecture was anything but environmentally responsible, devoured energy, leaked it, and was subject to extremes of temperature because of solar-heat gain. Houses built partly underground (in order to reduce the impact on the landscape and improve insulation) have pointed the way forward, but have not been much loved by the public. Soleri's projects at Arcosanti, AZ, employing his idea of an architecture compatible with ecology (Arcology), have been created from the 1970s, and the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, Austin, TX, has pioneered developments. Unlike the Modern Movement, Environmentally Responsible Architecture attempts to involve itself in the retention of old buildings to make them ‘sustainable’. (

Below are some examples of environmental analysis and feedback application.


Solar System Sun%20Simulation%20System.jpg This version of sun position algorithm displays the direct incident solar radiation through out the year. The Grasshopper Definition has been downloaded from atelier nGai website, on April 15, 2010. You can use this tool to understand the effect of incident sunlight rays on buildings. The results show in the Rhino file in terms of color changes. atelier nGai
Solar Responsive Panel USC_517_MElSheikh_Responsive%20Panels_100420%20copy.jpg Responsive panels surface that changes circles radii according to the sun's position. The development is based on nGai's definition of incident solar and his definition of component population on mesh. More images: Aug 21, 9am - Aug 21, 12pm - Aug 21, 4pm - Dec 21, 12pm - Mar 21, 12pm - Jun 21, 12pm - Definition Screenshot Mohamed El Sheikh
Parametric shading analysis
This is an example of a canopy that has solar responsive panels as the shading elements. The effect and pattern of shading can be seen in the shadow incident on the ground. More images: canopy shadows Deepa C

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incident solar | atelier nGai
insolar louver system | atelier nGai
insolar component computation | atelier nGai
Solar Radiation Analysis: Linking Radiance and Grasshopper | Cornell

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