This routine shows a lot of effects applied to a high-rise structure. The tower is subjected to tapering, twisting, and push and pull forces, which are supposed to mimic the wind force and to push and pull the surface of the skin in an opposite direction to the wind.This routine is inspired by Woo Jae's definition. However, at the end, I applied Jeffrey Vaglio's definition for the operable louvers, horizontal, and vertical grids as alternatives to my design.

It would have been nice if I showed how the tower's operable panels respond to the sun's position. The problem was the size of both definitions, my definition and the solar system, were very large. Whenever I connect them together, Rhino and Grasshopper crash. So, I wasn't able to show it on my vignette. However, I made this routine before as an exercise so you can check it HERE.

My Vignette (Hi Res)
My Vignette (Low Res)
Grasshopper Definition
Rhino File
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