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Command Line experiment

Command Line by ArchinateArchinate, 01 Jul 2011 09:28

it isn't that long, but its about half of screen. Sorry I am sure it is my bad. Now I am waiting for the email from vimeo so I can embed it on my page.

I apologize for going to miss the class tonight. I was so looking forward to this review.

Re: Uploading Project by simonuscsimonusc, 31 Mar 2011 20:26

Wow, that's huge! How long is it? You can also try changing your screen resolution to be smaller and then record that…

If if it really long, You can also set it to capture 1 frame every couple of seconds for a time lapse effect. It'll make the ecotect analysis demo seem much quicker in the video.

Re: Uploading Project by ArchinateArchinate, 31 Mar 2011 19:17

I am uploading mine now…its taking so long. 480MB taking little over an hour. I've already select the lower quality. maybe i should have make the screen much smaller too. -S

Re: Uploading Project by simonuscsimonusc, 31 Mar 2011 18:39

Thanks Nathan. I played around with it, this is what i have now.
If I want to add one more genes to it, what would you suggest? Thanks.


Re: sphere cloud in 2D? by simonuscsimonusc, 31 Mar 2011 17:44

I just check it! awesome,

Thanks!! :)

Re: Vimeo by Won Hee KoWon Hee Ko, 31 Mar 2011 15:14


I fixed it for you. I embedded the video code into your page. Check it out!


Re: Vimeo by Mohamed MansourMohamed Mansour, 31 Mar 2011 10:12

I updated my page with the final project and uploaded video in vimeo but there is nothing coming out when I click it in vimeo. I tried one more time to upload but it has same issue. Guess this is because it is too big..73MB. Can I directly upload it here? I am worried that it is too big to put here..

Anyway, if it is possible, please review my grasshopper file and let me know if I made any mistake or missed some problems.

Thanks! and See you tomorrow :)

Vimeo by Won Hee KoWon Hee Ko, 31 Mar 2011 09:38

Well, I've done everything described above aside from getting those edge conditions to divide/subdivide. Many thanks for your extraordinary help along the way Nathan. I'm certainly going to use this for this semester's studio final and beyond as I explore this framing system in other iterations. Have a look at the file and give me some thoughts on how to improve it further. Here's a link to the definition.

Re: TriGrid Help by Winston KahnWinston Kahn, 31 Mar 2011 07:42
Re: Uploading Project by erudiuserudius, 31 Mar 2011 04:38

Yes, it is too slow to analyze solar radiation in Ecotect. I just captured several moments that my geometry is changed.

Re: Uploading Project by erudiuserudius, 31 Mar 2011 02:48

Looking good… But is it running the solar analysis as part of the system? I am not seeing the usual analysis delay and status bar in ecotect.

Was it just too slow? Maybe you can post an iteration with the solar analysis being computed?


Re: Uploading Project by ArchinateArchinate, 31 Mar 2011 02:42

I posted my final project on my page.

It takes so long time to finish running Galapagos and Ecotect and I captured some process. I'm not sure if my definitions are all correct.

Please review and let me know if my definitions are incorrect and I missed some requirements.

I'm so sorry that I have to miss the last class.
I learned a lot about Grasshopper and Galapagos and I really enjoyed the class.

Thank you very much.

Uploading Project by erudiuserudius, 31 Mar 2011 02:32

As we approach the deadline tomorrow, This thread is for general discussions and questions related to the final submission As you are aware, information on the final submission can be found here

Please follow the format described here.

Some notes:

  1. You must use Vimeo or YouTube to post the video. Please do not upload video files to this wiki as space is limited. Going through these sites will also allow you to embed the video file directly to the wiki page.
  2. Final projects must be submitted on time to this wiki (no later than Thursday 6:00 PM). It will be considered late if it is after that point..
  3. Uless you have already received my pre-approval, all students are expected to attend the discussion review at NBBJ. This is a key part of your participation.
  4. I will be selecting certain projects for discussion tomorrow. I will contact you in advance if I have selected your project. Be prepared to share describe your project to the group.

Please post any general questions about the final submission here (Format, schedule, etc)….

You can't edit the desired square area panel as it is receiving information. It is there to show that the areas for each space add up to be greater than the available floor area. 4 panel components control designer areas for each of the 4 program zones. You should edit those to change the areas

I don't know how compatible these two systems are directly… basically the system will need to look something like:

1. A series of points control the Voronoi cells.
2. Each point will have a square area associated with it (the target fitness).
3. You will give Galapagos control over the X and Y position of each individual point The genes).
4. Galapagos will move the points around until the target fitness is achieved.

This, of course, is probably an over simplification of the approach. Give it a shot and post your attempts.

I totally forgot about it. Now the geometry appears in Ecotect :)

That's not a red screen. That's a color that I set with a group.
I think it has a problem with calculation of volumn.
The volumn commend always represent orange color, also it doesn't show any number of volumn. Please take a look again. Thank you!~:)

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