Galapagos Exercise 2

Single and Multi-Objective Tower Optimization

Using the provided tower massing cluster, create the following optimization scenarios.

1. Single-Objective: Use Galapagos to find the tower shape with the minimum facade area. Facade area can be impacted by different parameters. Select an appropriate genome (slider) while leaving other parameters constant.

2. Multi-Objective: Use Galapagos to determine a tower shape which maximizes the south facade while also maximizing the height of the tower. Please note that these two criteria may be incompatible with each other. You must set up the system so Galapagos can find solutions which compromise one fitness criteria over the other.

3. Unique Objective: What other optimization scenarios can be tested with this tower mass? Brainstorm and test one out!

On your labs page, post the Grasshopper definition in addition to screen captures of the solution. The screen capture should include a 3D view of the model in addition to the Galapagos window.

If you choose to take a video, please upload to a Vimeo or YouTube account so as to not consume wiki space. Thanks!

Download the tower massing component...

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