Jason Kirchhoff

Tower Challenge - Design Vignette

My tower is based largely on what Eve posted on her page. One difference is that I allow the user to specify the floor area and then pick a number of sides. The file then generates a regular polygon with that number of sides and the specified area. This allows the designer to try out different building shapes while maintaining a specified rentable area.

The geometry is based on an inscribed and circumsribed circle for the polygon. The core is cylindrical and its size is chosen as a percentage of the inscribed circle. A line is drawn from the center of each floor to the vertex of the polygon defining that floor. The intersction of those lines and the inscribed circle is the location of the structural columns.

My grasshopper file is here.


Solar Responsive Architecture

I took a slightly different approach than some of the others who have posted the assignment. My system creates a series of squares on the vertexes of the surface grid. Each square moves such that it is always facing the sun. It's kind of like a solar panel power plant where the panels have trackers to maximize production.

My grasshopper file is here

USC_517_JKirchhoff_Responsive-Panels-SEP21-7am.JPGSEP 21 - 7am USC_517_JKirchhoff_Responsive-Panels-SEP21-noon.JPGSEP 21 - noon USC_517_JKirchhoff_Responsive-Panels-SEP21-5pm.JPGSEP 21 - 5pm
USC_517_JKirchhoff_Responsive-Panels-DEC21-noon.JPG DEC 21 - noon USC_517_JKirchhoff_Responsive-Panels-JUN21-noon.JPGJUN 21 - noon USC_517_JKirchhoff_Responsive-Panels-Facade.JPG Facade Example

Space Truss Assignment


My grasshopper file is here.

I primarily used the method we went over in class to subdivide and explode a surface. However, this creates a lot of redundancy. Individual vertices (i.e. the common corner of 4 sub surfaces) have 4 different identifiers. This doesn't seem very efficient.

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