Kelly Olson

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Studio Project

Piping According to Line Length

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Grasshopper File Grasshopper File *you will need to relink the text files below into the panels
Text File lines1
Text File lines2
Images Image_mulitPipe.jpg

Week 3

Exercise 2: Solar Responsive Panel System

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Grasshopper Image USC_517_KOlson_Exercise%202-GH_20100422.jpg
Grasshopper File Grasshopper File Link
Response to Time Of Day June 01 2010 @ 7AM, June 01 2010 @ 10AM, June 01 2010 @ 5PM,
Response to Time Of Year Jan 01 2010 @ NOON, June 01 2010 @ NOON, Oct 01 2010 @ NOON,

Week 2

Exercise 1: Space Frame

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Grasshopper Image USC_517_KOlson_Space%20Frame-GH_20100419.jpg
Rhino Image USC_517_KOlson_Space%20FrameRhino_20100419.jpg

Week 1

Basic Exercise 04

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Grasshopper Image Ex%2004_G.jpg
Rhino Image Ex%2004_Rhino.jpg

Basic Exercise 06

Description Preview
Grasshopper Image USC_517_KOlson_Ex%2006GH_20100419.jpg
Rhino Image USC_517_KOlson_Ex%2006Rhino_20100419.jpg
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