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Optimal Panel Configuration of a high-rise building

The goal of the project is to explore the optimal panel configuration with minimum solar radiation in a high-rise building with fixed area. The Bank of China with three different volumes designed by I.M. Pei has been chosen as a base geometry. Panel geometry is based on bracing structure system of the building.

Fitness of the system is “minimum solar radiation” for each façade with Ecotect analysis.
Genes are the points (x, y, z) to control panels for each façade.

Parametric model:
1) Building Size: area and each volume.
2) Number of panels of each volume: two axis
3) Panel configuration: points with different x, y, z position for each façade

The system may also be combined with structure analysis as well as energy analysis. For example, the optimal size of bracing based on the number of bracing can be obtained.

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