Significant Work

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Hangzhou Stadium

NBBJ, Lead Designer

Nathan led the conceptualization, development, and documentation of the 80,000 seat sports venue located in Hangzhou China. Using his expertise in parametric systems, Nathan implemented a process for automating the ability to iterate and document the complex architectural forms. Nathan also developed customized scripting solutions which enabled a tight integration with collaborators and engineering consultants in China. As part of the process, Nathan relocated to Beijing to work directly with the local architecture and engineering office CCDI.

NBBJ Design Computation

NBBJ, Strategic Planning

Nathan authored the approach for developing NBBJ’s capabilities in applied design computation. With a scope that spans all of NBBJ’s global offices, the strategy outlines the operations of a scalable, firm-wide resource targeted at project implementation and designer training. The goal of the design computation initiative is to use the power of new technologies to increase production efficiency in addition to developing unique digital tools aimed at transforming the client’s enterprise.

Slingshot + LunchBox

Software Development

Slingshot! and LunchBox are a work-in-progress plug-ins for Grasshopper for enabling greater design efficiency, interoperability, and data-mining. LunchBox features a growing collection of geometric algorithms for quickly constructing and rationalizing complex surfaces, panels, and structures. Slingshot! features interfaces for creating and managing external relational database management systems and web services.

The Proving Ground

Research and Education

For five years, The Proving Ground has been a continuous work-in-progress blog and wiki resource used to exhibit explorations and publish computational design techniques. The Proving Ground is also a collaborative framework for education. Nathan's university students publish their class work and explorations to personal pages and continue to grow the content of the site.

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