Eve's Lab

Parametric Tower
The tower was constructed by using the techniques leaned in this course. Building shape was constrained by site area, building program area, floor to floor height, etc. The polygon segments of building footprint can be changed. Structure system was space truss. Skin panels was composed by two types of components. The first type of pane is the shading glazing. The extrusion and opening of the shading glazing is responsive to the solar radiation. The second type of panel is clear glazing. The area of the clear glazing is driven by the opening of the shading glazing. The combination of the two glazing can provide full transparent vision to exterior, but control the radiation into the building.

My Tower's GH File
My Tower's Vignette

Eve's Week 1 Exercise: Constraint-Based Programming

Eve's Week 2 Exercise: Structure and Skin Systems

Eve's Week 3 Exercise: Environmental Analysis and Feedback

Eve's Week 4 Exercise: Fabrication and Construction Methods

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