Eve's Week 1 Exercise: Constraint-Based Programming


This week's excises is to practice how to set constraints to control geometry in Grasshopper, such as area constraint and volume constraint.

Related Grasshopper Files

File Name Preview Description
Area Constrained Shapes W1-1_01.jpg Question: "% of Surface Area Difference" ? Should be " % of Perimeter Difference"
Constrained Box Learning: "Text tag"
Trapped Cylinder W1-1_02.jpg Learning: "Crv CP" to find a closest point on a curve. Questions: How to constrain the circle "within" the inner boundary?
Circle Shape Array W1-4_01.jpgW1-4_02.jpg Learning: 1. Eval (Evaluate Curve): need to check "Reparameterize" to enable the 360 degree rotation range of the control points. 2. Exp (Variable Expression): create variables and editing expression format. Questions: What does "Reparameterize" do?
Ellipse + Rectangle Shape Array W1-5_01.jpg Learning: 1. Use "Graph Mapper to Create Variation; 2. Edit Expression under "Range" to get rid off the extra shape on top

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