Eve's Week 2 Exercise: Structure and Skin Systems


Continuing last week's exercise, this week, we learn how to construct a tower's tructure and skin with various constraints: program area, floor-to-floor height, column size, etc.
Also, by understanding the data tree and format, we learn how to create a space truss structure in grasshopper.


Related Grasshopper Files

File Name Preview Description
Parametric Tower Systems
Learning: "Simplify," "Flatten," "Graft." Questions: 1. why need Simplify+Flatten to loft the offset geometry? I tried to loft without them..didn't work. 2. What do "Graft," "Explode," "Simplify" & "Flatten" do?
Surface Division Method USC_517_SHLin_W2-2_01.jpg Learning: "Para Viewer," a viewer for data structure. Questions: Instead of dividing domain, can I divide surface and retrieve the point data? I tried, but didn't work. Why? & How?
Box Morph Paneling_Square, Box Morph Paneling_Circle USC_517_SHLin_W2-3_02(1).jpg Learning: "BBox," Bounding Box; "SBox," Surface Box: create a twisted box on a surface patch. "Morph," Box Morph: Morph an object into a twisted box.
Space Truss Structure USC_517_1.jpg Tips: Use the diagram to identify the ID of vertexes.

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