Slingshot! Installation Notes

Getting Started

This page outlines the steps taken to successfully set up the Slingshot! Database for Grasshopper plug-in. This documentation is based on my current testing configuration. I use MySQL as my primary database solution so this configuration page reflects that preference. However, I the plug-in also supports ODBC and OLE DB. I have tested these interfaces with PostgreSQL and remote connections to Excel.

The following instructions assumes that users are already using the latest versions of Rhino and Grasshopper.

My Configuration Uses the Following:

Install and Configure the MySQL Community Server

First, you will need to download and install the MySQL Community Server 5.1 on a computer which will host your databases. If you are testing things out locally, you can install it on the machine where you will also be using Rhino and Grasshopper. Alternatively, you can install it on a server machine for remote access…

Download and launch the MySQL MSI package and following the steps below…

1. Select Typical Setup
2. Skip Sign-Up
3. Make sure "Configure the MySQL Server now" is checked
4. Choose Detailed Configuration
5. Select Developer Machine
6. Select Multifunctional Database
7. Leave defaults for InnoDB Tablespace Settings
8. Decision Support (DSS)/OLAP
9. Check Enable TCP/IP Networking with port number 3306
10. Check Enable Strict Mode
11. Standard Character Set
12. Check Install As Windows Service
13. Check Launch the MySQL Server automatically
14. Enter a root password
15. For testing remote access… check enable root access from remote machines*
16. Execute the installation with the set-up.

*On step 15, enabling root access is not a very secure approach for important databases. I have root access enabled for testing purposes. If you are just 'messing around' with remote access, give it a go. Alternatively, you can set-up user log-ins that can be configured with security in mind.

For more information on installation, refer to the official installation guide.

Install the MySQL .NET Connector

Slingshot! GH+MySQL makes use of the MySQL .NET Connector to send commands and queries to a MySQL database. The .NET Connector should be installed on the machine that is running Grasshopper with Slingshot!

The Slingshot! plug-in currently uses the MySQL .NET Connector 6.4.4

No special configuration is required for the installation.

Install Slingshot!

The Slingshot! GH+MySQL plug-in allows Grasshopper to access and manage the MySQL database server.

1. Close all running instances of Rhino and Grasshopper
2. Place the SlingshotDB.gha into your Grasshopper Components folder.
3. Launch Rhino and Grasshopper
4. A tab titled "Slingshot!" should now appear as a Grasshopper tab.

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