Slingshot! Version History

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  • Added two components for creating external archives of serialized geometry. Compatible with Rhino 5.0 only.
    • Rhino Pack component serializes geometry into a SQLite database format.
    • Rhino Unpack deserializes geometry stored in a SQLite database format.


  • A SQL syntax problem was resolved with some of the SQL database creation components (Meshes, Lines, Sensors, Points, etc)


  • Major update to the Slingshot! concept for Grasshopper. Introduces new features and workflows.


  • Added components for SQLite
    • Create SQLite Database File
    • SQLite Command
    • SQLite Query
  • Added Serialize components
    • Serialize geometry to XML
    • Deserialize geometry from XML


  • Some tabs have been renamed:
    • RDBMS Connection: Connection components for MySQL, ODBC, OLE DB, and SQLite
    • SQL: Components for assembling SQL commands and queries.
    • Utility: Components which help with formatting and serialization
    • Web Tools: Web-related tools
  • Updated MySQL .NET support to version 6.5.4
  • Plug-In now includes local copies of required MySQL and SQLite DLLs. External downloads of the MySQL .NET connector or System.Data.SQLite binaries are no longer required.
  • Slingshot! is now compiled for both 64-bit and 32-bit. Each version is identical with the exception that the SQLite binaries are specific to the 32-bit or 64-bit platforms. SQLite components will not run properly if the wrong version is downloaded per your system type.

Known Bugs

  • There are small variations in SQL syntax between the supported RDBMS. SQL components were first designed for MySQL. If a command or query does not seem to be working correctly, please verify the SQL syntax for your preferred RDBMS.
  • Serialization components will only work properly with Rhino 5.0. This is completely out of my hands.


  • Introduced SQL standard tools to simplify creating database systems for storing and updating geometry and analysis results.
  • Updated Twitter search component with parsed search results.
  • Corrected a few inconsitencies in component inputs.


  • Milestone update to the Slingshot! concept for Grasshopper. Introduces many new features and a new database workflow.
  • Now officially called "Slingshot! Database"
  • Plug-In supports MySQL, ODBC, and OLE DB.
  • Reorganized toolbar for new, expanded toolset.
  • Query and Command components enable access to different databases.
  • SQL string components help users compose SQL code for use with query and command components.
  • Web tools provide support for FTP upload/download and HTTP streams.
  • Twitter Search gives users access to the search API and returns XML into Grasshopper.
  • MySQL components now require the MySQL .NET connector 6.4.4


  • Compatible with Grasshopper version 0.8.0051
  • Added Connection Timeout and Command Timeout parameters to Connection string component
  • Fixed a few misc. inconsistencies for input/output naming and messages.


  • Introduced a generic MySQL Command component. Allows user to send any SQL command to the database.
  • Reorganized some categories in preparation for future database components which will exist in the Slingshot! tab.
  • Download comes with optional ODBC plug-ins v0.1.0.0 that can be installed separately.


  • Drop components retired.
  • Drop functionality absorbed into the Create components as a boolean toggle.
  • Create Database, Create Table, and Create Column components now located under "Manage"
  • Manage components now output SQL code.
  • Table Query component now has a second output which contains the entire query result with columns separated by commas.
  • Some component inputs reorganized
  • All components now located under the "Slingshot!" tab. Formally "Slingshot! MySQL"


Component Retired
Write Column has been removed and is officially replaced by Write Table.

Bug Fix!
Corrected a critical syntax error that would result from using the "WHERE" input in the
Query SFW String component.

v 0.6


  1. Created a new Write Table component which resolves a number of workflow problems and improves streaming data to a table. Most notably, the user can write multiple columns of data at once. A 'Truncate' toggle also allows the user to dynamically clear data from the table and fill it with new data.
  2. Created a new Format Rows component which will format data lists into a row strings for use with the "Write Table" component


  1. Create Table: Users can now create tables with multiple columns.
  2. Write Column: Rearranged inputs and added more detailed descriptions on use.

v 0.5

Initial WIP Release

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