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Week 3

[Final Project]

What I want to try to do in this week is to find the form of canopy with maximum surface.
I tried two different ways to make a form. The first one is that each 4 points move in Z direction,
and the second one is that each points move in X,Y direction.

For the next step, I plan to make a self-shading system in the surface.


[Galapagos Exercise2: Multi-Objective]

1. Single_Objective:
The tower with minimum facade area

2. Multi-Objective:
Minimum facade area + Maximum south facade area

3. Unique-Objective:
Minimum facade area + Maximum south facade area + Maximum floor area

Week 2

[Galapagos Exercise]

Problem 5:

[Final Proposal]


Week 1

[Grasshopper Exercise]

Grasshopper Exercise1: Attractor


Grasshopper Exercise2: Surface Paneling (Even)


[Final Project Description]

Parametric Pavilion Design

For my Final Project, I plan to design small structure for exhibition and sitting.
I am going to use Galapagos to optimize the form of structure based on those two functions as well, optimize the size and angle of shading system.

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