UNL Arch 223: Assignment 02
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Assignment 2 asks you to study design systems from a historic architectural style – the Gothic – and interpret the inherent formal, structural, and/or ornamental systems into a new 3D ‘digital prototype’. You will produce:

  • A digital 3D ‘module’ which is based on geometric systems derived from the Gothic architectural style.
    • The module should consist of a ‘surface/skin’ geometry and ‘structure’ geometry.
    • The module should interpret some aspect of Gothic geometry.
  • The module must be capable of ‘tiling’ 3D space using transformations: move, rotate, mirror, scale, etc.
  • Your final product will be a prototypical module and an ‘aggregation’ to demonstrate systemic behavior.
  • The final submission will be ‘assembly instructions’ composed of 2D and 3D renderings and drawings.

Before your lab, you are to bring some initial research on the Gothic style and its geometry! Bring images and drawings that you find in the library or on the web. Make sure images are high resolution! At times the complexity inherent within the architectural style and the ambiguity presented in the open ended design problem will make modeling difficult. The real challenge will be to critically assess the architectural style and reinterpret into a new digital system with its own defined rules and behaviors.



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