UNL Arch 223: Assignment 03

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Parametric and information-based modeling is the current evolution in design and construction documentation processes. We have only recently switched from teaching conventional 2d CAD and 3d modeling in favor of teaching Building Information Modeling, rapid analysis, and data extraction methodologies. This is rapidly changing (both enlightening and challenging) the design professions and has a far greater impact than the advent of CAD alone. A designer is able to easily navigate the complexities of building, establish performance-based evaluation systems, and develop designs with greater speed and efficiency. More importantly, integrated modeling systems put the designer back into the three dimensional medium and offers a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary environment for design and project delivery.

Assignment 3 asks you to construct and document an intelligent parametric assembly within a Building Information Modeling environment. You are asked to design a pedestrian bridge which spans the Missouri river:

  • Concept: Use Rhino to create an initial bridge concept using basic modeling techniques. Use curves and surfaces to define an overall form.
  • Design: Within Revit or Vasari’s conceptual massing environment import Rhino Geometry and develop the design using custom Adaptive Component Families and Pattern-Based Curtain Systems.
  • Analyze: Produce analytical visualizations for studying environmental conditions using Autodesk Vasari’s conceptual analysis tools (solar and wind)
  • Document: After you have composed the assembly, you will create a document set within Revit composed of orthographic line drawings, 3D hidden line drawings, and perspective renders. You will also create schedules which communicate the parametric information embedded within the custom Revit Family components. All documentation should occur within the Revit environment and be communicated on sheets.



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