UNL Arch 223: Spring 2013


Instructed by Nathan Miller
Teaching Assistants/Labs: Matthew Neaderhiser & Dan Williamson

The principal objective of this undergraduate course is to introduce concepts and applications of digital technology relevant to the practice of the design professions.

Through this course, students are expected to achieve basic knowledge and comprehension about three-dimensional modeling , digital design foundation, and digital presentation strategies. In addition, this course should prepare students with the basic knowledge necessary for digital representation, design and fabrication skills utilized in the Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Design curriculum.

  • This course will introduce the basic concepts of applications of computer technology for architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design.
  • Using a combination of relevant lectures and lab assignments, this course will focus on fundamental knowledge and skills to make effective use of computer technology for design investigation.



Assignment 01 is an introduction to designing in 3D with Rhino. The assignment asks students to interpret a 'natural' object into an abstract digital system.
Assignment 02 continues with the exploration of Rhino and focuses on advanced surface manipulation and digital processes. The assignment asks students to design a 'remix' of the Gothic style.
Assignment 03 introduces the students to the world of BIM and parametric modeling with Revit. The assignment focuses on conceptual modeling tools and family creation.






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