William Lopez

Hi all, Sorry for the delay been having some family problems and I havent had the time to catch up with all the work. But I will be updating over the next few days leading up into Thursday. Check out my page at: williapl.wikidot.com

Assignment 1: Is posted. Completed three excersises from the tutorial website.

Assignment 2: Will be posted shortly. Our assignment was to model a single objective optimization problem from http://www.math.ucdavis.edu/~kouba/CalcOneDIRECTORY/maxmindirectory/MaxMin.html

Problem 4: A container in the shape of a right circular cylinder with no top has surface area 3 ft.2 What height h and base radius r will maximize the volume of the cylinder?

The only trouble I ran into in recreating this solution was removing the caps and making the "volume" portion of the solution work. I remove the "cap" button and fiddled around with the connections. I eventually figured out the problem and ran the analysis. Check my page out for screen shots.

Assignment Three: Two different files we looked at really caught my eye one of them was the "program file" and the other was the traveling salesman file. I am not in a studio and so I do not have a project to associate this class with, but I do think that using Galapagos to solve a programmatic issue can be big in making sure you get proportioned room sizes and area. I saw a video on the web at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzvexUm4MuI. I thought this was awesome as it took into account room size and egress. It may be out of my reach do to lack of training and time with grasshopper. Check out my page to see my progress thus far: williapl.wikidot.com.

Finial Project files have been posted. I struggled a little bit in that my definition worked sometimes and didn't other times. Check out my wiki to see the final project outcome.

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