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Optimal Form-Finding Process of Triangular Tower

The goal of the project is to define the process of a tower form-finding using Grasshopper, Galapagos, and Ecotect. Galapagos evaluates the tower analysis results and looks for shapes which have multi objective. The base tower is my fifth year project in 2009. In design process of this building, the overall configuration was decided by purely conceptual logic not for practical or optimal consideration. In this Grasshopper project, this design can be improved based on parametric optimization with Galapagos.

The fitness of this system
The minimum value which satisfied with the lowest total solar radiation, the minimum façade area, and the maximum south façade area

The genes of this system
Every vertice of the triangular panels
(These vertices move along certain part of the base ellipse.)

Parametric Model

Image1: Maximum boundary ellipses and minimum boundary ellipses are based on local regulation
Image2: Eight different vertices on each ellipses create the base floor plans
(These vertices are connected with sliders and move along the base ellipse.)
Image3: Connecting these vertices vertically creates overall triangular panels
Image4: Extracting south facade only


Grasshopper File

Rhino File

For further development, the rhino file based ellipses can be created by Grasshopper. Also, this system has potential to be improved with intelligent secondary skin- Originally, I wanted to try this part but decided to keep this for the future work.


Week3_Assignment3+Final Project

As my final project is about a tower which has complex-geometry, I didn't do these two things separately but combined the exercises for this week assignment to my final project file.


A Note From Nate: I uploaded a file in response to your email. Individual control over your section curves is the same. However, I drastically simplified your triangular subdivison. This will also give you more control over the resolution triangles. The file is here: Triangular Tower

What I tried to do is
1. to create a tower surface with 35 floors (9ft for floor to floor height)
2. to assign minimum and maximum boundaries for the floor configuration based on local regulation.
3. to apply design concept which is three floors (16th,21th, and 35th) has certain floor configurations( towarding in direction of nearby land mark builidngs)
4. to create vertices for overall mesh on every fifth floor
5. to test this surfaces with galapagos to find out the shape for min. facade area and max. south facade area

Video http://theprovingground.wikidot.com/local--files/won-hee-ko/0324_4.avi
Grasshopper File and Rhino File http://theprovingground.wikidot.com/local--files/won-hee-ko/0324_4.ghx, http://theprovingground.wikidot.com/local--files/won-hee-ko/0323.3dm

While creating this, I conflicted several issues including galapagos break point and unable to close the mesh… I am still working on it and will develop more. Actually, this is my first half part of the final project- determine the optimal shape of building with satisfaction of design and also practical issues( min. facade area, maximize south facade area). After completing the overall shape of the building, I would like to go for the next step which is zooming into the determining the angle of secondary skin for daylight harvesting. However, I am not sure it is too much for the final… Should I go only for the first half part of my project? :)

Week2_Final Project
I don't know why this specific image files cannot be shown… but anyway

Regulation Constraints
- Total footage area
- Maximum Height
- Maximum footprint
Design Constraints
- only every fifth floor can have the edge point of the mesh
- three major points( in different height which can allow occupants the view to the neigh landmark buildings ) need to towarding landmark buildings in neighbor

- Finding out minmum gazing area
- Finding out location and angle of operable window for natural ventilation and low-solar heat gain


a2%281%29.jpg [http://theprovingground.wikidot.com/local--files/won-hee-ko/Assignment2_Problem3_WonHeeKo.avi]

Week1_Final Project
This is my fifth year project in 2009. When I designed this building, the overall configuaration was decided by purely conceptual logic not for practical or optimal consideration. Therefore, it is interesting to develop this design based on parametric optimization with Galapagos. There are some of ideas: creating optimal size of mesh to achieve minimum area of glazing and minimum amount of structural elements, or maximazing daylight harvesting and solar energy generation( if I attach PV cells on the facades), finding optimal angle of louvers on the facades or creating the operable facade system..I will choose one of the specific topics and want to develop more to make this design "to make sense" in terms of engineering issues. :)


1.jpg [http://theprovingground.wikidot.com/local--files/won-hee-ko/1.jpg]
2.jpg [http://theprovingground.wikidot.com/local--files/won-hee-ko/2.jpg]
3%281%29.jpg [http://theprovingground.wikidot.com/local--files/won-hee-ko/3%281%29.jpg ]
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