Yulee Kim

Homework Assignment #1 (DUE 3/3/2011):
For this week, I explored different basic tutorials from digitaltoolbox.info.
Go to my wikidot page to see some of the things I did: yklaboratory.wikidot.com

Homework Assignment #2 (DUE 3/10/2011):
For this week, I solved a mathematical problem using galapagos.
Go to my wikidot page to see it: My Wiki

Final Project Idea:
For my final project, I want to use galapagos to generate pathways that connect the four entrance/exit points in my site for my studio project.
Go to my wikidot page to see it the picture of the site and the location of the points:

Homework Assignment #3 (DUE 3/24/2011):
For this week, I explored multi-objetive galapagos exercise. The exercise, called 'Traveling Salesmen,' was provided my instructor, Nathan. The exercise uses galapagos to figure out the most efficient pathway among 10 points. Understanding how this works will help me tremendously on how I can go about my final project. As of now, I don't understand how the structure works. Go to my wikidot page to check out what I explored: My Wiki

Final Project (DUE 3/31/2011):
Check out my final project at My Wiki.

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